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Comming to New York to Start collab Project with Izolag and Ricky Flores, "Faces from the Block

Comming to New York to start a collaborative Art Project with the Artist Izolag and the photojournalist Ricky Flores, called FACES FROM THE BLOCK - The Brazilian Bronx Connection, wich includes a series of big Murals, with the sponsor of Community centers from the Bronx, and a Fine Arts exibith at BronxArtspace. In this project, Izolag and Ananda Nahu along with Ricky Flores will celebrate eight years of collaboration of artistic collaboration, thats shows the profound impact that the story has had on the culture of the Bronx in the world and how it is being used on work Izolag and Ananda Nahu, inspired by the photographic records of Ricky Flores, photographic documentation of the emergence of the busy street in the South Bronx in 1980.

Note the Exchange and flow of information about South Bronx’s culture, that affects all generatihons and which, in many respects, is strongly linked to Brazilian culture. Highlight the links between Brazil and New York and culturally show the result of this mixture through photographs, paintings and videos. Display the result and, at the same time absorb impact them in contact with our culture in evidence.

The project will start 8 jully and its passing by phase of producing the spots now.

Izolag, Ananda Nahu and Ricky Flores, South Bronx, NY.

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