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Gucci #24HourAce | Ananda Nahu

Ananda Nahu is a Brazilian street artist who creates murals around the world, building on the legacy of other Brazilian street artists like Os Gemeos. Emerging from her education in photography and printmaking, Nahu’s art combines abstract patterns and textures into all-encompassing landscape of color. For Gucci’s #24HourAce, Nahu creates a mural from the imagery of the Ace sneaker, including the birds, butterflies. And bright-pink hues that also appear on the sneakers in the #GucciGarden collection. The Ace’s dramatic lightning bolt patch informs the mural’s pattern as well. Nahu’s mural appears on a public wall on Macumba beach in Rio de Janeiro, an idyllic landscape with the same natural splendor as her art.

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