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The Plain Dealer - Cleveland Foundation's Creative Fusion murals brighten Ohio City's Hinget

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Large blank walls can smother a city's vitality, stifle the public realm and broadcast loneliness, danger and division. But to an artist, a blank wall can be a giant canvas and an irresistible challenge.

Those two realities constitute the vital ingredients behind this year's international Creative Fusion artists residency sponsored by the Cleveland Foundation. Starting in September, six artists from around the world plus 10 Cleveland-based artists participated in conversations and educational projects with Ohio City residents, young and old.

The artists then channeled those experiences into lush, colorful, eye-catching murals installed throughout the up-and-coming Hingetown area.

Still underway but nearly completed, Creative Fusion has already sprinkled moments of surprise and delight throughout the emerging residential, retail and cultural district known as Hingetown, which centers on the nonprofit Transformer Station gallery at 1460 West 29th St.

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