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   Brooklyn - New York City

Jeremy Thal and I spent three days visiting a public school located in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York City. These visitations were part of our roadmap for our " Sounding Walls / Soando Paredes " project.


Were chosen a group of 20 childrens, and they were free to choose whether they wanted, if they want to be with me to paint murals or make music with Jeremy. The group was divided in two and 10 children were with me and 10 kids were with Jeremy. 


Jeremy created one music with Kids called Onetime. A mix of Hiphop and psicodelic vibes, where children sang, played musical instruments, mix some parts and made sounds with different mediums.


By my part they painted a big canvas with 400 x 250 cm with acrylic paint also 3 canvas with 130 x 130 cm each. During the time they were painting i gave some orientations about how to mix colours and, with some kids, ideias about what to do, on the last day, the theme was what they think about living in Brooklyn, and they painted their ideas about that. 


Was a pleasure be with thoses kids, they are absoluty lovelys and touched my heart! Special thanks to Sunset Park School team, thank you so much for helping me and Jeremy to working with the kids!


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