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Ananda made a series of 6 canvas acrylic paintings for VIA office in New York City, all of them representing their drivers.

She also painted their Office in Manhattan. 


The first canvas is Samir Bousbaa. “ I’ve been working with Via since October 2014. Once, an 82-year-old gentleman told me that after his first full year of riding with Via, he’d saved enough money to take his wife on a vacation to London.
I’ve also had two total strangers start talking during a ride, and the next day, one of the ladies made a $10.000 donation to the other woman’s children’s foundation.
Why do i like driving with Via? As a rider told me once, Via makes ride-sharing more civilized by caring about drivers and riders equally!” says Samir. 

The second canvas is Omar Saar: “ I’ve been working with Via since September 2014. One Saturday afternoon, I picked up a passenger named Josh. He was gushing about his weeding day, which was the following day. Our conversation hit a lull but continued after I told him I had another pickup request. It was about to be his first time riding in a Via with another passenger. After a few blocks, I picked up the passenger, and suddenly, both the passenger and Josh screamed with joy. They were the bride and groom! I quickly requested for their ride to be comped as a wedding gift! Then, they invited me to their wedding.” says Omar.

The third canvas is Maria Abrams: “I am driver number 196! I started driving with Via on October 16th, 2014. Over the course of my time driving, I am proud to say I’ve completed more than 27,000 rides with Via! ” says Maria. 

The fourth canvas is David Franco: “ “I Started driving with Via in 2013. One memorable ride I had was the time I took an elderly couple to City Hall to get married. The bride was 72-years-old and the groom was 79. They were so happy and joking with each other the whole ride. Driving for Via is a great experience; I love meeting many enthusiastic people like that couple, and the whole Via team has a great personality.” says David. 

The fifth canvas is Rahul Kumar: “I Started driving with Via in August 2014. I picked up a rider near the World Trade Center, and after a few blocks, I picked up another rider heading towards Central Park. Few minutes later, I heard yelling in the back of my van, so i turned around and asked, “What happened?” Turns out, the two passengers were old friends who hadn’t seen each other in 10 years! Then, they got off at same drop off! location. Talk about serendipity!” says Rahul

The sixth canvas is Rolando Reyes: “I Started driving with Via in August 15th, 2014. One day, i had four passengers in my vehicle. During the ride, a female passenger was asking me many questions about Via, including if I liked driving for the company. I told her, “Yes, Via changed my Life” turns out, the woman was Daniel’s wife. I drive with Via because I feel that the Via team is like a second family. We love and support each other!!!” says Rolando. 

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