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During my travel to New York City in Fevbruary and Manrch 2014 i made a tour through South Bronx, and it was a pleasure to have Ricky Flores showing me where he took his photographs in the 80"s he also took photos of me on thoses same places. We have been working in colaboration for 8 years now. His photographs has been a big inspiration for my paintings. I made a project at BRIC ARTS MEDIA - Brooklyn in collaboration with Cec Arts Link, funded by Rockefeller Institute, " Sounding Walls / Soando Paredes " ,where i were painting his photographys on the wall. Special thanks to Ricky Flores, Jeremy Thal, The POINT, Carey Clark and Tats Cru.

ananda nahu. anahu

Photography took by Ricky Flores at Beck St. South Bronx, on the same places were he used to took his photographys on early 80's.

Both photographys was took by Ricky Flores on the same place with 31 years of diference of time, The Black and White photo was Adelaine in 1983, a homeless girl, a friend of Ricky, in front of the shelter where she was living at South Bronx - New York City.

31 years later, i went with Ricky to this same place and he took photo of me on in the same position and same spot where Adelaine was on that photo. I painted this photo of Adelaine on a big mural at Bric Arts Media - Brooklyn as part of my project with jeremy Thal, " Sounding Walls / Soando paredes " .

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